Friday, February 11, 2005

Elder Statesman

Just finished watching the tribute to the retiring chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe. The star of the occasion, as with all such Democratic Party events, was, of course, the Grand Old Man of the Democrats, William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of these United States.

Over the last year or two, following the electioneering and other things, I have gotten to really enjoy Clinton's speeches. And watching that event, it occurred to me; the reason I can now listen to him speak is that he is no longer in government. When he was President, I wasn't able to bring myself to listen to him much--much as I didn't listen to Gen. Zia or can't now bear to hear speeches by W or Condi Rice.

PS: One other thought on the event. While Kerry and Clinton made nice with Da New Kid on the Block, MacAuliffe did mention his successor in his speech.

You can catch the full event at rtsp://, it starts with Al Franken speaking, by the way.

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