Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of War

Someone said it again this morning on an NPR talk show: "...since we are in a state of war...". Are we? I thought the US of A has a constitution and there is a formal process for declaring a war. I am not saying we are not in a place where we should be behaving as one does or needs to during a war. I am just saying that we never formally, legally got there. Why haven't we? Because we don't have a country to declare a war on? Don't both sides of the partisan divide in Congress agree that we are in this "new kind of war"? Shouldn't they set up the rules for behaviour in this "new kind of war"? Isn't that what Congress is for?

I mean, it really is very subversive of the constitutional system to have people going around saying we are at war when there has been no formal declaration.

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