Friday, February 04, 2005

Yemen's War Against Terror

One country that doesn't get enough attention in the discussion on Islam, Terrorism, Fundamentalism, etc. is Yemen. Yemen, the ancestral home of the Bin Laden family; Yemen where the USS Cole was bombed.

Apparently, Yemen has found an "innovative" way of reducing its problems with militancy, terrorism, if you will. And I use the word "innovative" very advisedly, since that's what even the Bush administration has been paying lip service to--fighting an ideological battle on the extremists own turf, using basic Islamic texts and scholarship to convince them that their way is wrongn--or at least make it untenable for them to use Islam as the basis of what they do.

I first caught this story on NPR about exactly a year ago, but now the Christian Science Monitor has an update:

As a postscript, there is an older this article on Yemen, too:

Are Iran and Al Qaeda vying for influence in Yemen? (

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