Monday, February 07, 2005

US, Iran Exchange Words

Apparently, the Saudis are holding an "anti-terror" conference (I wonder if the Israelis and Indians are attending). In the review of what the BBC was saying on Sunday, I quoted:

Saudis call for anti-terror hub:

Apparently, there's more fun to be had at the conference; now we hear the US and the Iranians have been having a real conversation:

"Iran and US in 'heated exchange' at Saudi anti-terror meet: report" reports the AFP:

Though as one who wants peace to rule, it is good to see them talking--something they haven't done much of WWI, I think. They've kidnapped each other's nationals or governments, attacked each other's nationals--or nations--indirectly, and so on. But words--and "professional" ones at that if one is to believe the US government on this, and let's do that--at a conference; that's got be an improvement, no?

Oh, and I forgot, the exchange was apparently on the definition of "terrorism". Hmmm. That's something I would like to have or hear a real conversation about, too. I am working on writing something on this--a real article/essay.

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