Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Intellectual Map of Shāh Walīullah [d. 1176/1763] and Major Figures of Contemporary Islam

Here's a very important analytical work. (Click on the map to go to the blog post about it.)

Saving Lives, India and Global Leadership

Of late, particularly, I have been a strong critic of the Indian government, in particular, and the little-minded, juvenile moves they've been up to. But this. THIS is the kind of global leadership India, as one the largest countries in the world, should be providing. Kudos and congratulations to all Indians.
India Overrules Bayer, Allowing Generic Drug
In granting the nation’s first compulsory license of a patented drug, the government said a generic drug company can now sell the cancer pill for 3 percent of the price Bayer charges.

On the Passing of Encyclopedia Britannica

Yes, the Encyclopedia Britannica will be missed by us old farts. And being from a family of bibliophiles and trivia nerds, the memories of any tree-based encyclopedia are warm and fuzzy. So let's savor them today.

But let's not despair. For the next generation has an alternative; the Wikipedia, where they receive—and participate in presenting—a more complete picture of the world than we grew up having to read.