Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Thought for Mumbaikars

If there is one city I am a citizen of, it is Karachi. But us Karachiites have a too-often unstated, but very visceral bond with that other city across the Gulf to our South. One of our favourite tunes is the old Bamba'ee say aaya mairaa dhosth, dhosth koe salaam karoe.... Both Karachiites and Mumbaikars, more than others, will know what I refer to.

We in Karachi have seen our share of blood on the streets, destruction and mayhem. And as the news comes in this morning, we pray for our friend, our dhosth to the South.

That fair city is one of South Asia's greatest, even if one goes just by how much of humanity calls it home. An elder just said that things like this make the situation of Mulims in India only worse. But then, bad blood between communities, in my humble opinion, seems to be a desired aim of those who claim to be out to be soldiers of their communities, and those that would exploit the common dhost for their political aims. God help us all to overcome them.

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