Monday, September 11, 2006

The Spirit of Ramazan

Someone on a list I am on sent around the "Ramazan Checklist" that is one of the pieces of faith-related spam that circulates once in a while. You can can read the whole think by clicking on the graphic at right--or here. Here's the reply I posted on that list:
Thank you for the reminder. I would particularly like to bring attention to #7 and #8. And ihsaan, good akhlaque, is amongst the best of sadaqah, we were brought up to believe. Let us remember to be compassionate, polite, and beyond polite, let us be warm and friendly both to Muslims and, even more importanly, I believe, non-Muslims; and towards people we agree with and love as friends and dear ones, but, even more importantly, towards people we disagree with who, we think, are completely wrong on this or that issue (take, for example, when Eid is, or whether the calendar should or should not be fixed).

And let us do all this not because it will help us create a good image of Islam and Muslims, but because it is what Allah and Islam and His Prophet told us to do, and because this month is the month Allah told us to be as good Muslims as we can.

And let us pray that, and work at, having this ihsan, this best Muslim character stay with us all year round--Ramazan is given us as a time when we can more easily and with more focus, practise and build up this good character so that it helps us become better human beings as Allah wants us to be better human beings; living the way of life we believe being a Muslim is about.

Wallahu Aalam, as we Muslims used to say more often; only a Omniscient and Omnipotent Supreme Being can have perfect knowledge, the rest of us are just blind folk trying to feel up the cosmic elephant.
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Qais Mujeeb said...

I can't agree more with what you have posted here but that link isn't opening, Sabahat bhai...