Friday, September 15, 2006

Muslim Man Pleads to Die in India

Someone sent this yesterday. How does one do a petition? I have never done one, but this cause just seems as good as any to start with.

Jammu: A 100-year-old man from Pakistan is begging to be allowed to spend his last few days with his family in Kashmir. But rules require him to return to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
"Give me a place for my grave in India. Let me die here with my children, please don't send me to Pakistan, for god's sake," pleads 100-year-old Nadeem Din who had crossed over to Pakistan occupied Kashmir during the 1965 war and could never get back.

His desperate plea is to be allowed to die next to his family. After forty-long years, Nadeem managed to get back to his family in Rajouri district of J&K about a fortnight ago.
"I have no one there. My children are here in India. My land, my ancestors, everything belongs here. I don't want to go to Pakistan," he says.

Nadeem and his cousin had crossed over to Pakistan occupied Kashmir during the 1965 war and could never get back. But when the Chakka Da Bagh route opened recently on the Line of Control, Nadeem managed to return home.

He only got a 15-day permit, but that period has lasted now. His wife is no more and the only thing he pleads the governments is, to be allowed to stay back with his brother and children in India. He has requested the state government and the home ministry, but has not received any help from them so far.

"We plead, let him die in peace here. We are Indians. My brother is 100-years old, where will he go? Allow him stay back or send us with him," Jamal Din, Nadeem's brother says.
Din has already been in India for 16 days. If he doesn't go back on his own, authorities will force him to return on the September 25. Till then, all he can hope for is either the time to freeze or borders to melt.
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