Friday, September 01, 2006

On "Professionalism"

On of the things that causes me no end of amusement and heartburn is how the aspiration to act and be seen as acting "professionally" is seen as such a high value, I daresay, by immigrants, especially middle class Third Worlders. Not the first time, someone suggested, yesterday, that a community organization we're trying to get off the ground exhibit a bit more "professionalim". My response was as follows:

I am sorry, what? This is not a professional body. If you had said "sober, civilized, organized, or even vulcanized..." I would have been with you. But professional? This is a community organization, not a for-profit corporation.

I am sorry, but the totemization of "professionalism" is a pet peeve of mine. If we can't all act like civilized people, no amount trying to act like we are some ultra-loyal serfs of some corporation is going to make us more of a credit to humanity or our various communities.

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