Thursday, September 14, 2006

On Terrorists that are "Islamic" or "Hindu"

There was a report being circulated via email in some circles titled "Reports from Muslim Women attacked by Hindu Terrorists".

The phrases "Hindu Terrorists" and "Hindu Terrorism" should not be any more acceptable to us than "Islamic Terrorist" or "Islamic Terrorism". These people are, very like our own right wing extremists, the product of a neo-conservative movement within Hinduism that, also like our own, has been formed and has grown in the last century or more. This is not all Hindus. One of the most interesting statistics, if you want to talk about Gujarat--and I have worked in and with organizations active on the issue of the Gujarat massacares, and that's what they were: massacares, not riots--is how many districts (counties we call them in this country) in Gujarat had genocide happen in them, and how many did not.

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Anonymous said...

I will give you a difference between fanatics elsewhere and in the muslim world.

Jerry Falwell or Advani, it does not matter who, can speak and spit venom if they want to. in the end, they are shouted down in the public square by honest decent people who we refer to as voices of moderation.

now if you take that to middle east. these same voices carry guns and support of a militia and the people are scared and staying inside doors.

yuo must remember the difference.

iFaqeer said...

Firstly, I am not from the Middle East. I am from South Asia by way of Africa and live in the US. However, the Middle East does concern me--in the same way that it concerns other people who have co-religionists and places of reverence there (like Jews, Christians, etc.)

And you're telling me Advani is shouted down successfully in all cases? Have you heard about the riots that were triggered by the destruction of a certain mosque a bit over a decade ago? Or the events in Gujarat just a year or two ago?

And Falwell's words might not lead to death and destruction in the US, but his support for this or that political position or action around the world has very real consequences.

Or, to quote a great American, "Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?"

iFaqeer said...

Or to take a leaf out of Eboo Patel's book (search on his name on this blog) and quote Woody Guthrie, "...some will kill you with a six gun, and some will kill you with a fountain pen."

Either way, you're just as dead.

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