Monday, July 10, 2006

The Poet is Eternal; The Man is Ephemeral: Urdu Poet Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi Passes On

[Photo courtesy Urdu Manzil and Syed Saghier Ahmed Jafri]
As we say in Urdu, the man has passed on from the material, ephemeral world. But the poet and his poetry lives on, and helps us live on. Probably one of the most quoted couplets in Urdu about this very matter, one that captures the matter as few have done before, in any cultural and literary tradition, is from Janaab-e-Qasmi himself, who said:
kaun kehtha hai kay mauth aayee tho marjaa'onga
main thoe dharya hoon samandhar main uthar jaa'onga
Who says that when death comes, I will die away?
I am a river and into the ocean will I flow away
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