Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Merc Gives Us Ink

For those that might not be completely familiar with it, the San Jose Mercury News is "Silicon Valley's hometown paper". As newspapers go, over the years, I have always had respect for it as one the "better" papers in the US. I know that's not saying much, in this day and age. But this, after all, was the newspaper where the story behind the crack epidemic in Los Angeles broke surface. (What followed, of course, could have been better.)

Today, Thursday, July 20th, they ran a story on their cover (below the fold, a few column inches on the bottom righthand corner; but still on the cover, continued on page 12A) about the Blog Ban in India. It is titled:

"Ban of blogs stirs outrage from India to Silicon Valley"

If you go to the above site before Friday morning California time, you can see it listed under the "BUSINESS" section. The direct link to the story is at:

Several people, including yours truly, are quoted.

No mention of the Pakistani block :(. And they said the tools being used to circumvent were those used for China.

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