Friday, July 22, 2005

Karl Rove, Scott McClellan and the (belatedly) Free Press

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All links are to the CSPAN archives.
Day 1, 7/11
Which includes, Scotty Mack cutting off a journalist trying to get him to reply to a question in a robust dicussion of Karl Rove, turns to ye olde "indian" journalist who asks, to summarize, "How far can we go now in pursuit of Usama Bin Laden? Because Usama Bin Laden in in Pakistan."
Who's the old guy? Was he being sarcastic?

Day 2, 7/12

Day 3, 7/13
[Video not working too well right now]

Day 4? (7/18)
A lot of references are made to the "press availability of Pres. Bush with Prime Minister Singh of India earlier in the day rtsp://
The Indian gentleman finally engages with the issue of the day--in a way--when he asks if it isn't an insult to an foreign leader when American reporters go off on tangents during joint availabilities...

Day 5 (7/21)
[link to be added]
Interestingly, even in responding to questions about London (and the new bombings today), McClellan repeatedly refers to "fight the terrorists in Iraq, so we don't have to fight them at home". Huh? London is not part of "at home" of the allies? I wonder how Tony Blair would feel about that.

Day 6 (7/25)

The Rove issue seems to have become a part of the background noise, with journalists wondering if Rove was in this or that meeting.
The Indian gentleman goes back to saying that it is an insult to the Prime Minister of India (not to mention the country) for other members of the White House Press corps to ask questions about scandals.

Day 7 (7/26)
The press seems to be getting more classy in probing about Rove; one question was couched as a request for a comment on Bill Clinton's saying that Rove's political machine "have gotten away with murder", for example.

BTW, questions about a recess appointment for John Bolton are coming up now.

Day 8 (7/27)
The Karl Rove issue seems to have become part of the background (Helen Hunt's voice can be heard asking a question about it), but the press does seem to have become a little more daring over all. Or is it because we are not paying attention?

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