Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech: Questions for the Community

As I have said before, on the whole I like Eteraz and's general drift. Which is why I stay engaged there--and try to raise issues I think important. There's a post on the site titled "One Brother Dead"...

Shouldn't that be "at least" one brother dead? There was also mention of at least one female victim that seemed to have a Muslim background: Reema Samaha. She can't be considered a sister?

Other questions:

  • Should our compassion be specifically focused on the "brothers" and "sisters"
    affected? Is going to take the "Islam is my tribe and I am very parochial because my tribe is under seige" attitude so common amongst American Muslims?
  • The President of the student body is a gentleman called "Adeel Khan". Shouldn't he figure in our engagement with the incident? Or is the MSA the only form of "Islam-ic" leadership we will recognize?
  • The Virgina Tech MSA also asks for prayers for everyone affected, by the way.
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