Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wired Does a Hatchet Job about Pakistan and its Bloggers

A friend just forwarded a Wired.com story about Pakistani bloggers. (Thanks Anirvan!)

I am sorry, but I just can't bring myself to be enthusiastic about it. Here's what I vented to Anirvan:

The story's weirdly slanted:

"Like New Delhi, Lahore is a flat and dusty urban sprawl, with several modest skyscrapers and plenty of six-lane highways. But one wrong turn leads to cobblestones, donkey carts and a constant press of humanity that labors on its feet."

WTF?! So Lahore could be like New Delhi if only we didn't have a constant press of humanity that labors on its feet?!! Has this writer ever BEEN to India?

And ... "even" taken a stance against religious fundamentalists...? WTF?

And the mention of pkblogs is there, but to attempt to follow up on the movement behind it...

Sorry about ranting; I know we're supposed to be happy about Gora Saahab giving us airtime, but like I said, I can't bring myself to be, as our Indian friends say, all enthu about this.

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Anonymous said...

i concur. this was a fairly lame article without any insight or indepth research behind it.

Raza Rumi said...

Many thanks for alerting us to this trashy piece. What a shame that we have to be sized up by such flat writers with dangerously little knowledge and minds cast in stereotypes.
Please see my comment:

Teeth Maestro said...

well I agree that the writer did not compose the article and was concentrating on how Mohammad Khan was dressed etc etc.

But at the same time we should give credit to the blogger for having made the effort to promote blogging in Pakistan, its sad the writer did not live up to the mark as one should have expected from this 'elite' magazine.

Well done Momemkh we most definitively dont mean to put you on the spot here

Anonymous said...

I fully agree to TM.

While his post looked ORDINARY frankly but at the same time his few points should be seen as a chance to improve & not merely be taken just for the sake of criticism.

Anonymous said...

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