Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wired Does a Hatchet Job about Pakistan and its Bloggers

A friend just forwarded a Wired.com story about Pakistani bloggers. (Thanks Anirvan!)

I am sorry, but I just can't bring myself to be enthusiastic about it. Here's what I vented to Anirvan:

The story's weirdly slanted:

"Like New Delhi, Lahore is a flat and dusty urban sprawl, with several modest skyscrapers and plenty of six-lane highways. But one wrong turn leads to cobblestones, donkey carts and a constant press of humanity that labors on its feet."

WTF?! So Lahore could be like New Delhi if only we didn't have a constant press of humanity that labors on its feet?!! Has this writer ever BEEN to India?

And ... "even" taken a stance against religious fundamentalists...? WTF?

And the mention of pkblogs is there, but to attempt to follow up on the movement behind it...

Sorry about ranting; I know we're supposed to be happy about Gora Saahab giving us airtime, but like I said, I can't bring myself to be, as our Indian friends say, all enthu about this.

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