Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pakistan and Israel

More detailed comments later, but one thing that non-Urdu speaking readers and journalists, in particular, might be interested to know. Not really earth-shaking or anything. Just a thought.

The statement, refrain, one could say, from the Pakistani side is that "this is not official 'recognition' of Israel by Pakistan ..." That is well and good; the word "recognition" has a certain commonly understood meaning in English, especially the way it is used in describing diplomatic goings-on. However, when you listen closely to the news, views, interviews, translations and discussion in Pakistan's native language, Urdu, a whole other depth of meaning and complexity is just below the surface. (I recently subscribed to podcasts of news bulletins from Geo TV, a private Pakistani satellite channel.) The word used is "thasleem karna", which is closer in meaning to "acceptance", than it is to "recognizing". And one wonders where the discussion of official diplomatic recognition ends and where the issue of acceptance of the existence of the State of Israel starts...

But more on that later. Just thought readers might appreciate the perspective.
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