Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Publishing Update

Did I put this here?

I am suddenly in touch with the new editor of Spider, the Dawn Group's internet magazine ( (The Dawn Group is one of the largest media houses in Pakistan) Alternatively, you could say that someone I ran into and have been interacting with on Wikipedia has become editor of Spider. It's all in how you look at it, I guess.

My Rickshaw! blog ( is featured in the March edition. They don't have much content on the web, tho. See:
[Look under "Geekspeak"]

I am working on a piece about Pakistani Life in Silicon Valley for them right now. Watch out for the April edition. [One problem with Spider, though, is that they don't put much content on the web. Readers keep pressuring them on that, though.]

Hopefully, my blog about "life, technology and getting by in Silicon Valley" will be a good place to incubate ideas and be engaged about those issues.

Also, I am also hooking up with a newspaper that "serves the Muslim community of Western Massachusetts and its neighbors". Check out the top link under "Analysis" at right now (the one that starts with "War, Crimes..." etc.) or just look for my given name (Sabahat Ashraf) under "Columns".

Wednesday, March 31, 2005

The April edition of Spider is out. It has the article on Pakistanis in Silicon Valley in the "Lifestyle" section. As I mentioned above, Spider doesn't (yet; we can hope, right?) put much content on the web, but the Table of Contents is at:

Specifically, since I mentioned them in my piece, Chowk, IOPWE, the MCA, OPEN, and TiE are linked from the page they put on the web with links to sites mentioned in each edition. (I mentioned Koshish and Hidaya as well; I guess they got left on the editing table.) Look under "Lifestyle" at:

Would be interesting to see what else they left out and how the remaining piece turned out. Will have to wait till someone can get their hands on a hard copy, I guess.

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