Friday, March 04, 2005

Afghanistan and Pakistan: A Reporter's Notebook

WBUR in Boston's morning news/talk show, The Connection has a segment today titled "Reporter's Notebook with David Rohde" discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan. The intro says:
"A lot has changed in Afghanistan since the New York Times correspondent David Rohde made his way into Kabul along with the Northern Alliance in the autumn of 2001. He was among the first reporters to reach the Afghan capital during the defeat of the Taliban. Since then he has spent many months in that country -- watching as people there try to rebuild, to create a new democracy out of the rubble of war. While the focus of much of the world has moved to Iraq -- Rohde's eyes have stayed focused on Afghanistan and Pakistan -- where he has reported on everything from opium production, to the ongoing teaching in the madrassahs. We return to two countries that remain at the center of the struggle for human rights and democracy. A reporter's notebook with David Rohde."

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