Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Islam

Just started the Facebook page and twitter account for "Occupy Islam":

Let's take back Islam for the Ummah; for the Ijmaa of the People

Here are my first thoughts: We need to have the ijma of the people #OccupyIslam, and let ulema and da'ees do their own jobs:

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Reb Deb Gordon said...

Wonderful to see you! I googled "Occupy Islam" after seeing the Facebook notice from Occupy Wall Street that Friday prayer will be held there tomorrow. I am *so glad* to see that. I've been tremendously proud of my own people (Jews) participating and making connections between our religious tradition and the Occupy movement. I hope the same is beginning to happen for you!

Note that when I searched for "Occupy Islam" on Facebook I got no results.