Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Counting down to Revolution in Pakistan

Beena Sarwar just pointed (via Facebook and Twitter) to a very timely article on the Frontline website:
You Aren’t Hearing About Pakistan’s Biggest Problems – Afghanistan / Pakistan - FRONTLINE Every day headlines raise questions about Pakistan’s stability, but some of the real threats to the country are largely absent from Western media. From electricity shortages to a looming fiscal deficit, here are four of Pakistan’s biggest problems you might not be hearing about.

But even those are just straws in the wind. At the time of the anti-Pervez Musharraf/pro-Judiciary agitation, US media personalities were asking us "Is Pakistan going to become another Iran?" The best answer came from the person who is now the Pakistani Ambassador to the US (Husain Haqqani)—paraphrasing in my own words here—"No, not today, but if we all keep grinding our axes on the backs of the Pakistani people for the next 10 years, we'll get there."

It's been...let me see...4? 5? years now?

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