Friday, June 22, 2007

Dependence at Midnight...?

There are a couple of updates I need to provide.

Frist, work on has been gratifying, if not edifyinig. But that's not the surprising part. I could go on and on about the project. And I will provide more general information about the project in a minute. But here's an excerpt form a recent post that there's very little chance will not startle you. Read it and then decide whether the site, is worth a visit:

"[At the time of their independence, w]ith resources and destinies so interlinked with each other (i.e. Pakistan’s dependence on India’s goodwill for its water, and India’s dependence on Pakistan’s raw material for its factories), much was dependent upon the goodwill between the two countries. Leaders on both sides made public statements that suggested that they expected nothing short of that. Some had, in the past, even suggested the possibility of a joint-defense pact between the two countries. However, in reality the relationship that emerged, as the ashes of the partition settled, was everything but cordial. This took leaders on both sides by surprise..." They had been colleagues in a heartfelt movement, if representing different threads in it, for decades up till that point

Something that both Pakistanis and Indians (and, if you ask me, Bangladeshis) should really, really sit down and think about.

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