Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World Bank "Support" to the Quake-Hit

A journalist friend forwarded a press release titled "Pakistan: World Bank Supports Earthquake Recovery with US$470 million", which said that
"The World Bank today announced a package totaling US$470 million to assist the Government of Pakistan in the reconstruction of areas devastated by the massive earthquake of October 8.

The package comprises US$200 million in quick disbursing credits from the Bank’s concessional International Development Agency (IDA), a US$100 million loan for highway reconstruction, US$130 million in additional credit financing for community infrastructure and US$40 million, announced last week, in reallocated IDA funding.
You can read the whole release here.

My reply to my friend was simply this:
"There's a Bollywood song that puts to music an old South Asian expression: "Main ro'ooN ya hasooN; karooN maiN kyaa karooN?!" [Do I laugh or cry? To do; what do I do?"]

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