Monday, October 10, 2005

Now PodCasting!

I have added a Podcast to this blog. The way things work for now is that I will make selected posts, and some Podcast-exclusives, available as audio files that will form the Podcast feed. You can subscribe to either the text version of this blog or the Podcast using the following URL/link:

Just copy and paste that address where the software you use to subscribe to PodCasts (for example iTunes from Apple, iPodder, etc.) asks you to put addresses of Podcasts you are subscribing to manually.

Most entries with a Podcast associated with it will also provide a link to the MP3 file for readers who want to download and listen to Podcasts directly.

And here's a Stop Press: Someone (not me; honest!) has already created an entry on Yahoo!'s new beta Podcasting service for this program. Check it out:

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