Friday, May 06, 2005


One keeps hearing the word "Islamofacism". One person that uses it is Reporter Steven Vincent on his time in Iraq his is "The Red Zone." his interview with Sandip Roy on Upfront ("dispatches from the new majority", a program on KALW), he expresses surprise at finding Muslim women that see the Qur'an as a means of getting their rights. Now that is a strong reminder that there is definitely a disconnect between people in this world—at times, we really don't know much about each other.

Also, listening to that, the word "Islamofeminism" popped into my head

Secondly, he makes some other points and provides some very good insights. And this is a guy that self-idenfies as a Neo-Con. (He says to the left "Where are you? Don't leave this work [of understanding the Iraqis and helping them build their country, I guess] to Neo-Cons like me!) Worth listening to. I'll see what links to events, radio programs I can find featuring him and put them here.

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