Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fatwa Against Suicide Bombing

With reference to an earlier post about clerics in Pakistan issuing an edict, yes, a "Fatwa", against suicide bombing:


Here's another news story:



Anonymous said...

There was a suicide bombing incident in Pakistan on May 27. Does this mean that the scholars who have issued this fatwa do not have any respect among their followers or they are not worth respecting or it is just a mob rule in Muslim world -- total mayhem and no discipline. Sorry state of affairs.

iFaqeer said...

Well, the state of affairs in the Muslim world is far from ideal. But whether religious leaders have respect or are worth respecting is the same problem other communities have; do people who kill, or try to kill doctors and judges prove that the world of Christianity today is "total mayhem and no discipline"?

Also, see a previous post on my take on violence and fanaticism and one interesting echo from the past in this respect.

Anonymous said...

Your comparison is irrelevant here. In recent times, I doubt that in any other religion people are blowing themselves and killing innocent human beings considering this act as their religious duty, with overt/ covert sanction by religious authorities.

On the contrary this seems to be a norm in the majority Muslims as there has been another suicide attack on minority sect in Pakistan. How the problem can be solved when intellectuals fail to acknowledge that?

iFaqeer said...

Seems like you've not heard about the Tamil Tigers, who were the first to carry out suicide bombings in the post-WWII era.

And how is this the "norm" in the "majority Muslims"? Could you give some numbers?

I wish you would not be anonymous--it would be better to talk to you if there was an e-mail address or blog address or something we could talk through. Even if it wasn't your real name.

Anonymous said...

Tamil terrorism was not sanctioned or conducted by religious zealots. It was a secular movement.