Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Conversation with an American Muslim Perspective...

A very robust conversation ensued in response to the post yesterday which (among other things) took up Mr. Abdul Sattar Ghazali, Editor of American Muslim Perspective, on his piece titled "Pragmatic Muslims of North America". Kudos to Ghazali Saahab for documenting it on his website. Here's the trail:

First the piece on AMPerspective:

Then the post on this blog:

Ghazali Saahab's reply and my exchange with him:

and the reaction of Reshma Yunus, an American Muslim activist with a long record of working on political and human rights issues (particularly with victims of domestic violence) within the American Muslim community and in the wider American context:

Another response to his piece came from Khalid Saeed, another active American Muslim:

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