Thursday, April 21, 2005

Can America Dicate the Direction of Islam?

Some one posted an article on a list I am on that starts:
Muslim reformists reject Western view of change

A key issue of our time is the relationship between Islam and the West. But, tired of Islam-bashing, Muslims have largely tuned out the West.

Rest at (Toronto Star; requires registration)
That introduction actually elicited an "Ain't that the truth!!" from me. And I haven't been able to read the rest of the article, but the conclusion jumped out at me also:
It is self-delusion to think that the West, America in particular, can dictate the terms of this debate, let alone pick Muslim thinkers in our own image.
Yes. But it is an even greater and more dangerous delusion to think that the West, America or even one or other "internal" Muslim groups can't get into the mix and have a large influence; directly or indirectly. In fact, especially in the latter case, they already have, haven't they?

Just my first knee-jerk reaction. More later, if I can.

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