Thursday, September 16, 2004

Standing Pat on Iraq

The first step is to get over being startled at the fact that Pat Buchannan is against the War in Iraq. Given his isolationist stance this shouldn't really be a surprise; but so few people anywhere take stands purely on principle anymore, you can't really be blamed.

But once you get over that, actually listen to the guy; he has some interesting geo-political points to make. One place to do to this is the following (second-last segment):

The way he talks about and points out the importance and significance of Baghdad. I have not heard Muslims discuss that aspect. If I may say so, most Muslims are too busy being modern victims of the post-Ottoman period that we live in to own their own history and take in the bigger picture. As I have said before, in a lot of ways we are still living in the period of tying up the loose ends of that empire. More on that later.

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