Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Qadri and Imran--A Match That Just Could Not Be?

Graphic from Saach.tv
The headlines say
"Tahirul Qadri ends alliance with Imran Khan's party"
Qadri parts ways with Imran Khan
and he might have said this more strongly this time, saying things like
“Those who are part of status quo and involved in corruption could not become our allies”.
But despite the "cousinly" coordination they might have had—maybe encouraged by the Third Umpires referred to by The Captain, maybe not—this really was a match that could not have been. Several reasons come to mind:
  • One could invoke the old Urdu proverb about two swords in one scabbard ("aik miyaan mein dho talwaar") and implying/accusing the two leaders of being all about ego; 
  • One could take the Allama's words at face value and notice that his is a demand for ripping out the whole constitutional system while the Khan is talking the talk of democratic change, albeit on his terms;
  • ...and one could also notice that while Imran Khan has been playing footsie with the neo-purist parts of our faith community, namely the Jamaat-e-Islami (see discussion on Facebook here) and the Further Right, so to speak, Allama Qadri comes from a more traditionalist, albeit revolutionary place. In that regard, what really jumped out of the articles this morning was this line:
"The cleric called for capital punishment for those involved in spreading sectarian hatred and claimed that the situation could be improved only after the "execution of some people."

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