Thursday, August 01, 2013

Quick thoughts on Reza Aslan on Fox News; Your Brain on Infotainment

Apropos of the video clip circulating of a Fox News interviewer getting it very wrong, as most in my circles see it, with Reza Aslan. I have said this myself at various times, and agree with those who say that anyone that thinks of Fox (or, for that matter MSNBC, CNN, etc.) as news rather than infotainment has what in the computer industry we call a PEBKAC issue [Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair].

However, Fox et al are infotainment and as a pop culture phenomenon, they do have impact on the conventional wisdom. That needs watching.

Personally, I actually didn't feel that this was Fox's worst.
They gave Reza enough time to make his point. And for the Fox audience to see his replies and be exposed to his point of view is something I am
grateful for.

As for being sorry for him? I am not. Reza A is a very savvy entrepreneur in the public intellectual business and this has really, really helped the sales of his latest product: the book about Jesus.

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