Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Zardari and what he deserves

A friend started the day by mentioning "AAZ finally getting what he deserves".

I asked him if he was saying that a fellow human being, an elected President of Pakistan, "deserved" heart disease?

On the other hand, is it that when AAZ gets in hot water, does he deserve to be able to just leave the country?

Personally, I don't give an eff what Mr AAZ deserves, but what Pakistan deserves. And it doesn't deserve selective prosecution. Because selective prosecution is not Justice; it is vengeance delivered in the anger of the moment. And you know what The Prophet said about anger.

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Ranu 802 said...

I think as a Muslim we shouldn't be glad to hear that a fellow Muslim is going through a hard time.Having said that,when someone is responsible for the state of the country,and is the cause of the suffering of its people,then it is very difficult to hold off one's anger and this is where human nature prevails.
Therefore we leave our faith aside and blurt out,"he deserves what he gets".I will not say,it is the right thing to say.It is one's anger,we are reminded often enough to control it,but it has not worked yet.