Monday, January 25, 2010

Pakistan and Echoes of the 80's: Zaid Hamid, NFP, and Imran Khan

Just noticed this in Facebook's "Suggestions" and saw which of my friends are already fans.

The aim of this page is to unite everyone against Zaid Hamid and his supporters and to save Pakistan from Neo - Nazism. The page will provide regular updates against this propaganda network and will facilitate discussions to counter his ideologies. This page also aims to counter Ghaz we Hind (A Delusional Paranoia of Zaid Hamid) suppose to take place soon or may be on 14 august 2012 according to his gullible followers.
Critic:275 fans

I just LOVE how this one cause--denouncing a senior of mine from college who's a right wing nationalist and is not even a political party yet--brings together my MQM wala friends, my Tehreek-i-Insaf-leaning friends, my progressive Muslim friends, my Marxist friends, my Trotskyist friends, my blaager activist friends...wallah! if we had that kind of unity amongst Pakistanis on ANYthing else, we'd get somewhere!

Though, I also have to say I am nostalgic for the late 80s/early 90s when NFP was the one walking around with a trademark cap (of which I can find no photos on the Internet--very curious!) and Zaid H was the one saving the world from the evil empire--and you have to give credit to Imran Khan; then, as now, he was a hero out saving the national honour, but who couldn't bring himself to give the little guy credit with having anything real to contribute to helping the nation achieve greatness...


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest problems with us pakistanis is that we are everything but Pakistani.We would show ourself as leftist or rightist.We would prefer being Punjabi,or Sindhi,or balochi or pakhtuns or Mohajers.Where the hell the fact you are Pakistanis has gone?
I'll give credit to Imran Khan who has never posed himself as ethnonationalisr or leftwinger or rightwinger.

Anonymous said...

I heard, Zaid Hamid isn't a graduate even let alone NED

iFaqeer said...

Anonymous I:

I don't know about anybody else, but I, personally, am not "everything but Pakistani". As I have taken to saying, I am 100% Pakistani as well as being 100% Muhajir. The latter to me is not something I am instead of being a Pakistani, it is just the TYPE of Pakistani I am. I am also 100% Urdu Speaking and, because of being 100% Pakistani, I also feel 44% Punjabi, 20+% Sindhi, 10% Baloch, 15% Pukhtoon, 5% Siraiki, and so on.

To say that because one is a Marxist or Jamati or something else one is NOT a Pakistani is a red herring. It's like saying because someone is a Muslim or a Christian--or a businessman, or brown-haired for that matter--one is saying one is not a Pakistani. And to deny that one has thoughts, ideologies etc. is either naive, malicious, or disingenuous.

Anonymous II:
Without any comment on his own content, I can't but notice that on the one hand Zaid Hamid is denounced for being a conspiraocy theorist, and on the other, you just expressed a view that is based on just that: a theory. Zaid Hamid was 5 years my senior at NED University and has the exact same bachelor's degree I have: a BE in Computer Systems Engineering. He was, in fact, in the first batch to be granted that degree.