Monday, March 30, 2009

Pakistani Reply to Obama Strategy Announcement

I have not seen this stated so clearly:
"We do not want any more VOA-TV type propaganda that, in its condescending way creates more enemies than friends. We want a proper dialogue with the US and the West over what its goals are and whether these are our goals as well. Whether we like it or not, the battle for a safer America cannot be won if the people of Pakistan are not convinced. This is the stark reality, no matter how many drone attacks are carried out on the one hand and assistance is given to our government on the other.

It was true of the Musharraf government and is becoming increasingly true of the Zardari government too. The people of Pakistan are not seen as stakeholders in the battle against militants and extremism. It is too often said that while the West talks to our leaders, Al Qaeda and the Taliban talk to the people. Sadly, this is an issue President Obama has not addressed."
[Full article at: The author is "Editor Reporting" in Karachi for Pakistan's largest English-language daily]

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Tazeen said...

That was Kamal Siddiqui and he always makes a lot of sense.