Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin Meets Zardari; a Different Take

I am not sure I completely agree with, or endorse the thought, but this bears quoting. It's something Nosherwan Yasin said on a mailing list this morning about the whole Zardari hits on Palin brouhaha (in case you've not followed it, check out the post and discussion Teeth Maestro's blog here.):

Although I agree that such statements are inappropriate in foreign relations, I can't help but see an unintentional advantage (of sorts) of Pakistani chauvinism in dealing with such a character. The politically correct, hidden misogyny of the American politician really has no answer for the snide, smart @ss, belittling demeanor that Palin seems to exhibit. She reminds me of the typical sitcom girlfriend, you know the one that will not let passive guy X go out with his friends and Y humiliating him to a laugh track, constantly nagging and yelping without any real knowledge of anything.

But good old sexism, in societies where it is acceptable, such as Pakistan, provides a trump card.

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Ali said...

This nation is suffering from Zardariphobia and are somehow judging every move he makes. I think the whole thing was blowed out of proportion by Pakistani Media and media in general. Somehow, it reminds me Shaukat Aziz-Condi story although that was dumb too.

How do we know said...

ummm.. i m not sure i appreciate chauvinism even where its acceptable..