Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Zimbabwe, Mubgabe and the International Community

Just had the following to say about Zimbabwe to a friend who was despondent about the recent Security Council disaster on Zimbabwe:

"The Zimbabwe situation is not just a symptom of UN dysfunction. There's a couple of other layers to it: including Africans themselves not being able to bring themselves to go after a person who was once one off their most respected freedom fighters. The loud and aggressive posture Britain, for one, has taken about Mugabe--and for a very long time--grates even on my sensibilities as a person born in West Africa and who still remembers when Zimbabwe became independent. In fact, the British--and even the BBC's--attitude to Zimbabwe plays the same role George Bush's posturing on democracy does: driving people further into the arms of radicals, or at least making it difficult for people to stand what seems like the same side as them."

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