Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HIjabi Cheerleader! I Kid You Not!!

A little while ago, when someone forwarded a picture of a female Iranian swimmer clad in a blue body suit complete with cap and added a humourous note to it, I was one of the people saying that one really shouldn't make fun of a person who was wearing such odd garb either out of religious conviction, or out of necessity born of pressure from her society and community--and most probably the institution, sporting or academic or what have you, that she was part of.

And it is in that context that I offer the following:

The girls in this picture are dressed the way they are dressed because society--and their school's uniform regulations--makes them dress the way they are dressed:

but take a look at this one, particularly the lady in the middle of this picture:

Is that a black abaya-clad person at the same event holding pom-poms?

I can make a lot of comments and pontificate, but would anyone else care to?

[The pictures, by the way, are taken from here.]

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