Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HIjabi Cheerleader! I Kid You Not!!

A little while ago, when someone forwarded a picture of a female Iranian swimmer clad in a blue body suit complete with cap and added a humourous note to it, I was one of the people saying that one really shouldn't make fun of a person who was wearing such odd garb either out of religious conviction, or out of necessity born of pressure from her society and community--and most probably the institution, sporting or academic or what have you, that she was part of.

And it is in that context that I offer the following:

The girls in this picture are dressed the way they are dressed because society--and their school's uniform regulations--makes them dress the way they are dressed:

but take a look at this one, particularly the lady in the middle of this picture:

Is that a black abaya-clad person at the same event holding pom-poms?

I can make a lot of comments and pontificate, but would anyone else care to?

[The pictures, by the way, are taken from here.]

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Siliconstani said...

So what is the big deal? Just becuase they are cheerleaders that doesn't meant they have to be wearing skimpy swimsuites in which all is shown.

Ask me these cheerleaders look way cool, not to mention a little sexy :-) !!!

Though i will say that the girl in the Abaya may be going a bit to far, but then who am I to object. Hey if she wants to wear the Abaya and also be a cheerleader, then great :-)!

There is a lesson to be learned from Eastern Society, you don't have to go all wild and party like, wearing skimpy swim suites and all to have fun. Look at girls in the pictures above, they look like they are enjoying themselves.

Manzoor Khan said...

And we have hijaab-clad girls dating and kissing (and smooching too) in public parks in Hyderabad, India.

So what's in the veil... may be the West should stop taking the veil too seriously, and should instead start treating veil wearing Muslims as normally as any other human being. I am, at least, doing it!

Anonymous said...

"not to mention a little sexy :-) !!! "

Thanks for making a point that I as a female could never make with the same punch.

ifaqeer - I agree with you about making fun of women whose societies make the hijab a requirement of them, but on the other hand - I still have to question when I see things so ridiculously opposite of what these societies claim that hijab is for. I had recently written this diary entry: http://eteraz.org/story/2006/12/14/11436/896

But let me take this a little further. On Christmas day, we took our children to a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells - apparently it was a big "Muslim" day at the resort and while Hijab wearing women were in the minority there were at least a dozen in the swimming pool. I think the most shocking of all these women were the women in Jilbab that were in the water, in the wave pool - and I'm sorry, but get a Jilbab wet and it clings to all the right or not so right places (depending on your viewpoint).

So, now you have these women in the pool and who do you think was turning more heads, the bikini sporting chicks or the Jilbab/Hijabi chicks? The answer is the latter. Where is the modesty in that?

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