Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Party Too ... part 3

The last time we were covering this was when Christie Whitman was on her book tour. (See this post, this one and this one. The last one addresses an interesting points about building majorities, something that goes beyond party politics to activism, I believe.)

I am not sure why, but she was on the Tavis Smiley show again this week:

Might this have to do with the presidential race for '08 getting underway, perchance? Even if she doesn't run herself, several of the people on the Board/Steering Committee/whatever it is of her Political Action Committe (PAC) are potential candidates.

And in the spirit of catching up on this issue, also, here are some notes from her appearance on Dennis Miller's show a little while back:
  • An interesting point: Dennis asked "What is it coming out the White House that makes you have to say this?" and her her reply was "Not out of the White House, but out of other parts of the Republican Party." She says she's talking about "my way or the highway Social Fundamentatists" not the old-fashioned conservatives. Barry Goldwater would not meet the litmus test that these guys are about, she shays.
  • And then Dennis gave voice to a very interesting thought: are we headed for 4 parties? That's something I have been thinking about--what a multi-party situation in the US, given the constitution, would look like. It's worth exploring a bit further at some point.
  • One thing I noted was that Dennis kept going on and on about Condi. What was that about? Something they had discussed offscreen or something? Is this an undercurrent?
  • And on New Jersey governor McGreevey--Christie Whitman pointed out that DM was one of very few people saying it was never about his being gay--it was about his being crooked.
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