Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Afghanistan called; they want their history back

Folks might be following the spat between Presidents Karzai and Musharraf over intelligence, etc. Here's one thing that have escaped you if you weren't following the Pakistani press. (Sorry I forgot to publish this here a week ago.)

Though it has to be said that if there's one country in that region outside of maybe Iran that can lay a claim to ancient history as being that of its state, it's Afghanistan. However, it is interesting to see a modern state claiming for its very own self a history that belongs to a region. According to the Daily Times of Lahore:
"Afghanistan has complained to Pakistan for naming lethal ballistic missiles and other weaponry after heroes of Afghan history. The Afghan information Makhdoom Raheen said that Kabul recently sent a letter to Pakistan over its use of names including Ghauri, a 12th Century Muslim conqueror who ruled in what is now Afghanistan. One series of Pakistan's ballistic missile is called Ghauri. The statement said that Pakistan is welcome to use the names – but for peaceful things like monuments, conference rooms and historical places."

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