Friday, February 10, 2006

Muslim Anger about "Those Cartoons"

One thing that crosses my mind is the Hadith often quoted in Desi Muslim circles, that goes "Ghussa himakath say shoroo ho kay paagalpan/nadaamath pay khatham hoe tha hai," or "Anger starts at silliness and ends at madness." Instructive since most of the reaction you see in Muslim circles--especially in the streets, and very commonly in South Asia--on the issue is anger; very little wisdom there.


iFaqeer said...

I have to apologise. This is the second time I have found that something I thought was in the Hadith was actually from the writings and sayings of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the cousin of The Prophet and First Imam of the Shia:

However, the warnings in Hadith against anger are multitude--and very clear; from what I like to call my favorite hadith:

to others:
and on, and on...

Please note that I am quoting profusely from sites whose owners' political and theological points of view I often strongly disagree with.

iFaqeer said...

And to continue the tradition of quoting people of different points of view: There's a tradition of The Prophet that whoever "preserves and protects" forty traditions will do well on The Day of Judgement and scholars through the ages have put up their individual compilations. This one on anger made the list of Khomeini himself:

Asma said...

Assalamo alaykm w.w!

Apart from the fact that is hadith or said by hadhrat Ali r.a. the thing said is true ... and if this thing be eliminated from our minds the anger ... unnecessary anger ... we can become good people and we can show the world what muslim character in real is !


nice post!