Monday, February 13, 2006

An Insult to Islam

Yes, the cartoons are an insult to Islam and to Muslims and to An Hazrat; but the following cartoon in USA Today over the weekend struck a chord:


John Hedtke said...

I think that this cartoon is unpleasantly accurate in its criticism. Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace (well, theoretically, so is Christianity, although you'd have a hard time proving that given idiots like Pat Robertson and most of the current US administration {sigh}), and killing people to "exalt" the name of Allah or of Jesus does not offer worship to either one. I have precious little respect for fundamentalists of any type because they almost universally have no sense of humor and start taking their world view as the worl+d view that everyone else is required to have... and then you have problems because they think that their imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend. Better they should accept that if you don't believe the way that they believe, then you may well end up in the Hell of their religion, but that it's not on them personally to pass the judgement.

Cemendtaur said...

I agree with you, iFaqeer.

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