Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cartoon Controvesy...and a new Tet

The other story breaking surface today is that someone in Britain thinks the name "Mustafa Shag" for a sex toy is an attack on Islam, and one person--a rather active Progressive Muslim leader, actually--said that Muslims are digging holes for themselves. My reply:

This not just Muslims digging holes. This is the Neo-Cons of the Muslim world launching initiatives in the "War for the Hearts and Minds of the World's Muslims" to help them in their quest to be undisputed in being the ones standing up for Islam and Muslims; for leadership of the global Muslim community. Seizing on the cartoon controversy was the Tet Offensive of that war. And if you ask me, The West lost. And us Progressives (both Muslims and non) have been either very ineffective or AWOL.

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