Thursday, January 19, 2006

Radio Open Source on Pakistan

From a producer at Radio Open Source, based out of Boston:
Hi Sabahat-

Robin from Open Source here. Good to talk to you the other day. Thanks again for your insights and leads, they were invaluable. Thanks also for all the comments on the discussion thread so far. If you'd like to let your readers know we're talking about this tonight, that would be great. We'd love to hear from them as well. Here's the link to the show, and the audio will be up later tonight:

For timing, Robin adds "show is live at 7-8pm eastern time. It re-airs in Seattle a few hours later, and then even later in SF." I think that's 1 am on KQED in the SF Bay Area

More listings:

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Anonymous said...

Also at 7-8pm (Pacific Time) on KAZU 90.3FM (in the Santa-Cruz/Monterey Area, my local station. Not live, of course).

The conversations on Radio Open Source are usually well-thought thru, nuanced and substantial. Hopefully that will be true of their treatment of this subject too. sLooking forward to listening to it.