Friday, November 18, 2005

Muslim Lifestyles...

alt.muslim review 010 discusses Muslim Lifestyle magazines, mentioning that there are now several in the UK:

The obvious thing that crosses my mind--and did cross one of the brothers' minds--was that they are just a generation or so ahead of us, having had a substantial Muslim community (in their case, more heavily South Asian in content, I guess) for that much longer. Though Shahed, the US-based half of the hosting duo of brothers--threw out the possibility that maybe we've just leapfrogged the magazine phase and gone to electronic media, what with Bridges TV. I'd say the dynamic is much more complicated...more as things happen and I react.

[As an aside, I hear India Abroad is coming out with a lifestyle magazine...]

Other issues the Amanullah brothers discussed include some of the race issues in Britain and Mukhtaran Mai's visit to the US. I have been meaning to bring up the latter issue and am working working with a friend to finish up some she said on a discussion list that bears repeating. Stay tuned!
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