Friday, December 26, 2014

@Khawer_Khan on #Peshawar, #Oakland, and Beyond

History IS the haunting of our nightmares. Lets not forget who created these monsters. Various imperialist powers representing global Capital and the comprador Pakistani state. These monsters are not some organic expression of our people struggling in some distorted way for freedom. This is literally a Frankenstein's monster gone amok. Arms from the Pakistani state, a heart and brain from Capital, legs from various global and regional hegemonic powers, a torso from the remnants of a tribal society confronted with modernity, and blood from it's countless victims.
We cannot begin to slay the beast without naming it.
Today Capitalism in an advanced state of decay delivers dead bodies of our youth in Mexico, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan and even the USA. We wake up and everyday and find corpses at our door; an offering from soulless, lifeless, neither living nor undead monsters. Their logic dictated by the very history of blood and carnage that is Capitalism.
Its too late for reformism or cosmetic changes and bandages or behavioral changes. We must slay the beast.
As they say in Oakland... Rest In Power.

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